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How to Repurposing Your Old Jeans to Trendy Jeans

(Ripped / distressed jeans) 

To all Jeans’ fever

How much have you spent just to buy a new pair of jeans?


And you have bored of your old pair of favorite jeans, want a pair of new pair of trendy jeans. Though commercially selling jeans are deliberately ripped, they are made to look as if they went through natural wear and tear. Paying over 100 ringgit for something that’s ripped?

But it seems like such a waste to just throw those old jeans away. That’s why we are bringing you the best of the how to DIY and repurposing your jeans, which is ripped and distressed jeans. Which doesn’t require any sewing at all, it’s just a simple steps to complete 

Who can justify anyway?


First, we have to know what’s the different between the distressed and ripped jeans. 






Ripped jeans have fabric rips.Which is often started off with ripping off on the knee part,but the trend have ripping off everywhere on the jeans.

Distressed denims are essentially given a vintage worn out look in the manufacturing processes. Jeans are faded on purpose.



So let’s start now:)

First of all ,you have to prepare the tools, as below:

  • Scissors & Tweezer
  • Chalk/Pencil (To mark the ripping area)
  • Sand Paper
  • And of cause A pair of old jeans 


Step 1:

Mark down the area that you want to rip off, put on your jeans and draw a line right over your kneecaps as a guide.


Step 2:

Put a cardboard or old magazine to protect the bottom layer. Cut slices on the knees and thighs, depending on how big you want the shredded parts to be. Start with the cut white threads, pulling them to the side. 




Step 3:

Pull the thread apart, you can also use the safety pin to help to put out the threat. Use the tweezer to remove the thread. Use the point of the seam ripper or a safety pin to help loosen them if they get snagged up in the vertical threads.




Step 4:

Using the tweezer to create scratches and small shreds on the denim to make the ripping look more natural or using the sand paper to rub down and scrubbing the entire jeans to make it more natural distress looking. 




Extra tips/step: (Optional)

You may also using the razor to distressing you jeans. Shave the fabric with the disposable razor. Use one hand to hold the fabric and "stroke away from" that hand and your body. Repeat the process until satisfied with your results. You may want to lightly fray the surface of the fabric, loosen the fibers or create holes. Fabric will progressively fray each time you wash your jeans.





Extra tips (tutorial video from YOUTUBER)




Good Luck !