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The Crop Top is Back


Crop tops initially reappeared, Crop tops are wardrobe essential.


No longer just reserved for summer days, the loose, midriff-baring style can now be seen anywhere and everywhere.  

If you're comfortable and confident from what you are wearing, you should totally just rock it, no matter your age, especially your body type. Different kinds of crop tops to wear and all sorts of different ways to wear them.  

First, you want to decide how bare you’re willing to go. There are all sorts of different kinds of crop tops to wear and all sorts of different ways to wear them.

We’ve rounded up women of all shapes and sizes wearing crop tops, proving that anyone can pull off this popular trend. Every Body Type Can Rock Crop Top!  Keep scrolling for some inspiration, and the next time someone tells you that you can't wear something, prove them wrong. 

Here’s some ideas accordingly by body types.

Body types:
Tall, Lean

The benefit can wear long pants to show off your long legs, match up with the crop top will help you look stylish effortlessly.


Crop top X Long Pants

  • Palazzo





  • Long Pants



Crop top X Medi maxi skirt


Body types: 


The perfect way to show off your assets, curvy ladies

Crop top that hits right at your true waist.


Crop top X Dungaree

Dungaree can only show the sides of your upper body will peek through when pairing your crop top with overalls.



Crop top X Tube Skirt 




Crop top can actually help to make you look taller, you can either match with shorts or Skirt.


Crop top X Shorts 



Crop top X Short Skirt/ Skort



Crop top X Dress


Crop tops can kick it anytime, anywhere including at the office. To successfully pull one off, it’s all in the styling.


Good Luck!