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How to Match with Joggers

Jogger pants are on mainstream right now because it can come from different material and designs. 

Jogger Pants is now the latest craze not only for women but for men too. Yes, you heard me right, men wear jogger pants whenever they are off duty and want to wear something light. They match it with sneakers. So to wear jogger pants attractively, what can a man pair it with? 



 1. Jogger Pants with Shirts 

     You can go full on smart casual and your shirt and joggers with a pair of loafers or keep things grounded with a pair of plimsolls. 

white short shirt

 white short shirt    Hi Style Jogger    sneaker


 2. Jogger Pants with Pullover

I definitely love pullovers. I also wearing it with a white long sleeve shirt as inner and pair with a pullover. We can say that jogger pants can also create that preppy look for you.

Hi Style Jogger

Hi Style Long Shirt   Hi Style Pullover   Hi Style Jogger



 3. Jogger Pants with Round Neck T-Shirt

T-Shirt are the epitome of men's Casual Fashion. They're versatile, comfortable and can be worn with more or less anything. This make them the perfect complimentary item of clothing to wear with joggers. 

Hi Style Jogger

 Hi Style t shirt    Hi Style Jogger    hi style sneakers


4.  Jogger Pants with Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is one of those designs that comes and goes in popularity. Bomber jacket is perfect jacket to match with joggers as it is cropped which helps show off your leg.

Hi Style Jogger

 Hi Style t shirt    Hi Style Bomber Jacket    Hi Style Jogger


5. Jogger Pants with Polo Tees

Polo shirt is typically worn in more smart casual setting. Matching jogger pants with polo tee give the overall look a less intense and more relax. Then just pair with sneaker or plimsoll.

Hi Style Polo Tee

 Hi Style Polo Tee    Hi Style Jogger    Hi Style Shoes


6. Jogger Pants with Long Sleeve Shirts

Jogger Pants can go surprisingly well with a long sleeve shirt, it is not the outfit for important job meeting, but it is a good alternative for date with someone.

Hi Style Jogger

 Hi Style Long Sleeve    Hi Style Jogger    hi style sneakers

We can now conclude that jogger pants isn't just for sporty get up or that rugged look, it can be worn in many different ways. Some people like jogger pants, some people don't. But who cares, if you think you are trendy enough, you've gotta try it and blend with the crowd. And if wearing one make u comfy, why not?! Is all depend on how much you are willing to try.